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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content andaccuracy, visit] >> a district teacher is behind bars this noon accused of sexually abusing a child. >> leroy ware teaches at miner elementary school in northeast d.c. >> i've had conversations with him one-on-one. >> shock and disbelief here at miner elementary northeast d.c. as parents and students are getting word of a popular well known teacher being arrested. >> for me to know that he actually had interaction with my child is very disturbing.
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>> d.c. police have confirmed to us that 33-year-old leroy ware is behind bars awaiting a court arraignment charged with misdemeanor sex abuse of a child. >> he's nice. he teaches us fractions and that. >> always get as in his class. >> the howard university graduate appears to have a passion not only for his job but also youth cheerleading. but his last post on facebook does talk about wanting to get out of d.c. and move to the west coast saying "i guess i can find a teaching job there." >> you don't know who to trust. >> ware also recently tweeted a picture with himself with the late marion barry writing thank you for getting my first summer job, children's hospital. still working with children today. love you. >> not comfortable leaving her here now! >> she is a friend of the accuseded teacher and says there's absolutely no way he would commit a crime against a student. >> mr. ware is innocent. and the child may not be telling the whole truth.
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>> the staff here at miner held a closed door meeting this morning and i just got off the phone with the spokesperson for d.c. public schools. they aren't saying much. only that the principal here is sending a letter home with students this afternoon. in northeast washington, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> a music teacher in fredricksburg is facing charges for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a teacher. the man taught at robertsons music. parents of a 17-year-old reportedly discovered that he was having an inappropriate relationship with their daughter. here he is right here. he is being held at the rappahannock regional jail without bond this noon. >> we have breaking news coming into the abc 7 newsroom. "the new york times" this noon reporting isil claims to have killed an american hostage. the woman was reportedly killed in a jordanian retaliation bombing. that woman disappeared back in august in syria. we are still working to get some more information on this story but as soon as we do in this newscast we will make sure to
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pass it along. in the meantime right now crews are working to repair a water main break in prince george's county. water just poured on to the road for several hours this morning. happened at cedar heights drive in juniper tree lane in capital heights. jeanette reyes reports on how long those repairs will take and why residents say this is a problem waiting to happen. >> repairs are under way this noon on a broken water main. take a look here behind me. we're at the intersection of cedar heights drive and juniper tree lane. this is reported around 7:00 this morning. now, all you can see is a gaping hole but just hours ago, water was gushed out from a water main and before crews got here, there was some initial safety concerns with a thick sheet of ice forming on the roads around the time school buses coming by. we finished talking to a spokesperson who tells us this break is on a six inch water main and over 50 customers are currently impacted. we talked to a home owner here who woke up to that small geyser and she says she wasn't surprised about it because
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residents had been making phone calls to wssc reporting first, one leak and then another leak over the past week. take a listen. >> we were afraid that this was going to happen you know after the last incident where the water main break and that car went down there. you know it kind of scared us. we saw it breaking up just yesterday. wssc tells me it didn't immediately repair those leaks because of the significant amount of water main breaks they deal with this time of year. in fact last month alone, they fixed about 400 water main breaks. reporting in capital heights, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> despite a very chilly start to the day, winter -- warmer weather is actually moving in for your weekend. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at the first forecast. hey, doug. >> it's still rather chilly. many areas holding below freezing right now. we'll make progress. heading to the upper 30's this afternoon. our headlines, kind of cloudy and definitely chilly this afternoon. the weekend will turn warmer and by sunday, we'll have to deal
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with a little rain. snow lovers, sorry, no snow just rain coming up for the weekend. now, as far as the numbers go here we're looking at temperatures running just about 6 to 8 degrees above average as we head to the weekend. it's looking like pretty good stuff weatherwise. we'll make some progress too, through the later afternoon hours maybe as high as 41 south of the city. what you need to know about the timing of the rain for sunday and whether or not we're going to stay in this mild pattern. we'll answer those questions when we join you in a couple of minutes. jummy? >> all right, thank you, doug. developing now frederick high school students are back in class today. just one full day after two teenagers were shot outside of a j.v. basketball game. brianne carter has more on how students and their teachers are moving forward today. >> we all come together as a family when things like this happen. >> showing school pride all dressed in gold and black, frederick high school students headed back to class this morning.
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>> i think we need to get back to normalcy. >> that situation a shooting wednesday night outside of the school gym that injured two teens. one boy was shot in the leg and the other in the torso. victims are students at thomas johnson. not frederick high school. according to police one victim is still in the hospital at this hour. sources tell abc 7 the shooting had nothing to do with the ongoing basketball game that was in the gym but may have been related. investigators believe the suspects and victims know one another. >> when it happens at frederick high school it seems out of the ordinary. >> all of those students returning to class today say they're not going to let this one incident that happened here outside of this school define what they stand for. at this hour, no information on what led up to the shooting or on any arrests. in frederick, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> the university of virginia police investigating a report of sexual assault on campus. the police chief says t dean
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of students knows about the allegations that a student was sexually assaulted at a residence hall on january 30th. this investigation comes after "rolling stone" published a story describing a culture of sexual violence at the university. that article was later discredited. and a judge will decide today whether to postpone the assault trial against jesse matthew. matthew is charged with abducting u.v.a. student hannah graham and an attempted murder in fairfax. the trial in the fairfax case is set for march but his lawyers say they need some more time to prepare. today's hearing will address the delay request. we could learn more today about the shooting death of john geer. the man who was killed by a police officer during a stand-off in fairfax in 2013. the family's attorney wants more information about the officer who pulled the trigger. four other officers and two eyewitnesses say geer did not make any sudden movement before he was shot to death. geer was not armed.
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the hearing today starts at 2:00 p.m. we'll bring you updates on >> jack evans stopped by our sister station to discuss last month's metro smoke incident. at a d.c. council hearing this week firefighters described chronic problems with crucial radio communication. questions were also raised about whether rescuers put first responders through proper training. >> our firefighters are great. so this isn't a reflection on them. it's a reflection on kind of a leadership in the fire department and e.m.s. where there's been such chaos over the years. the chief not getting along with the union. no direction. inner fighting. and i think that it's distracted from the mission of making sure we have the best trained fire department in the region. >> the ntsb is still investigating that smoke incident. >> and the s.u.v. driver killed in a commuter train collision in new york will be laid to rest today. funeral services began this
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morning for 49-year-old ellen brody. a witness says brody got out of her vehicle when a railroad crossing gate came down on her s.u.v. a witness said she got back in and drove on to the train track. investigators are still trying to figure out why. the collision killed brody and five rail passengers. >> be alert and hold on to your cell phone. metro transit police are asking for your help identifying a person of interest in a string of cell phone robberies. we've got surveillance pictures from the dean wooden metro station. take a look. the suspect approaches his victims and snatches their phones right out of their hands. coming up at noon new details in that train crash in taiwan all caught on camera. what the black boxes are revealing about the moments leading up to the crash. >> and new measles cases continuing to pop up around the country. the major announcement from an autism advocacy group on that issue. >> plus escaping near death. the wife of a white house attorney breaking her silence.
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>> and a warmup in store for the weekend but it could also bring some rain. doug hill timing it out when we come back.
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>> getting back to that breaking news that we brought you from the top of the show. a statement from the islamic group claims an american hostage has been killed in syria. the woman was reportedly killed by a jordanian retaliation bombing. that woman disappeared in august back in syria. >> a jihadi preacher once considered the spiritual mentor of al-qaida's branch in iraq is condemning the islamic state militant a day after he was released from prison. he told a jordanian tv station that the burning death of a jordanian pilot is not
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acceptable in any religion. he also criticized the terror group for its attacks on fellow muslims. terrorism will be the subject of a town hall on monday at 7:00 on our sister station, newschannel 8. to be in the audience check out website at hall. taiwan's top air safety official says trouble with one engine and possibly human error is what caused the crash of transasia flight 235. investigators say the black boxes indicate one of the plane's engines went idle 37 seconds after takeoff. the plane's right engine triggered an alarm but the other engine was shut down apparently by one of the pilots. >> no power, the airplane is essentially a glider. >> the plane banked sharply and clipped a highway bridge and then a taxi cab before crashing into a river. right now, 25 people are confirmed dead while eight are still missing. in just about 45 minute
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president obama's security strategy will be made public. susan rice is set to outline the president's vision at the brookings institution. it's expected to focus on coalition building and expected to include criticism of russia for ramped up violence in ukraine. u.s. employers continued their job growth last month. the labor department says the economy gained 257,000 jobs in january. they also say wages rose by the most in six years. the official unemployment rate did bump up a notch from december from 5.7%. experts say that's a sign more americans are looking for jobs again. >> 7 is on your side this noon with a health matters report. five babies have been diagnosed with measles in chicago. the infants all attend the same daycare center just outside of the city. officials fear 10 more children including some too young for vaccinations could have been exposed to the disease. so far at least 102 people have
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the measles in 14 states. autism speaks says vaccines do not cause autism and that organization is urging all children to be inoculated. >> all right. time to talk about this chilly forecast. what a way to end the week. >> but the week is ending. the weekend is here but going to see a bit a warmup over the weekend. that will play into the kind of weather that we'll get overnight. get you throughell you what you need to know first up live look at congressional country club in bethesda. 30 degrees right now. bit of wind out of the southwest at four to five miles per hour. how warm we get today will be a function of sunshine how much we get and how strong these winds can be. but i think upper 30's are a good bet for receipt john -- the region for today. a lot of areas below freezing especially metro washington and points to the north and east. we're starting to see the numbers rise a bit to the south and west already. 36 in martinsburg, winchester and luray. 33 at fredricksburg. 28 at baltimore and annapolis
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right now. as far as current projections, 39, we'll settle with that for a high temperature this afternoon. there will be more cloudiness this afternoon. temperatures below average. average high is 45 so 39 is warmer than what we have now. high pressure to the south as that kind of slips out of the picture, that will allow some of the cloudiness to move in today. but it just may not be enough of a push of warm air to get much beyond 39 or 40 this afternoon. we get through the day tomorrow though, we'll do a little better and start to see the numbers climb a little bit more. that will set the stage for what's coming here on sunday and into monday. this is the futurecast computer model.'re looking at noon weather tomorrow and we'll have a fair amount of sunshine and a few clouds. we'll have the southwesterly or west-southwesterly winds help to push temperatures well into the 40's through the afternoon and evening hours. and then as we get into sunday more cloudiness will move in ahead of the next cold front, an area of low pressure. now, most of the activity with this precipitation wise is going to be far to the north and that's a good thing for us
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because it looks very much like portions of new england could get 12 to 14 inches of snow from this next system come sunday night into monday. but it looks for us we're going to see possibility of some light rain as we head through the overnight and through monday morning. and i suppose there's a slight chance as all this pushes out of here as we get through the late afternoon hours, it could kick over a few snowflakes. i don't think too much. 52 on sunday. very mild. that's why rain is what we'll see. and rain continuing into monday. it's all contained in the next seven days for you. 41 today. well south of the city. i think the metro area more about 39 for a high temperature. and then tomorrow 50 degrees with some sunshine. lower 50's sunday. we will turn cooler. we're still calling the probability of any rain only 30% and as we get through next week things will settle down. kind of partly cloudy pleasant. seasonably cold tuesday and wednesday. next chance of any precipitation doesn't arrive until next thursday. >> oh good. a little break. >> yeah. break, no big storms. just a little rain.
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>> coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, update on california's photographic felon. >> and the lesson a missouri family hopes to teach their son by kidnapping him at gun point. bizarre details ahead.
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>> breaking her silence, the wife a former white house lawyer is speaking out for the first time since her husband's arrest for attempted murder. and her escape from domestic violence also being talked about tonight on "20/20." elizabeth vargas joins us live from new york with a preview of tonight's show. elizabeth, such a powerful interview.
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>> it really is. and this is a couple that, you know, the storybook couple. you thought they had everything going for them. he had a very powerful position in washington d.c. worked in the bush administration, former white house counsel. she very beautiful and a lawyer in her own right. and then when it moved to connecticut, to this $5 million mansion, she says a nightmare began, that an already tense relationship in their marriage. he was verbally abusive and very, very jealous turned violent. when she tried to serve him with divorce papers finally, he tried to kill her. she tells the story tonight. it's unbelievable. he's been convicted to attempted homicide and sentenced to 15 years in prison. tonight, that wife says that's not enough time for the hell she says that he put her and her two young daughters through. >> well, elizabeth, i know something else you all will be touching on, a young man with a hospital badge who was kind of living a little bit of a lie, you could say.
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>> yeah. a little bit, you think? he was posing as a doctor. this was a real life catch me if you can story. a 17-year-old boy who passed himself as a doctor in a florida medical institution until he was finally caught. he did everything from performing c.p.r. was in the emergency room holding people and helping them with sutures that sort of thing. he talks tonight for the first time. why he would do such a thing reveals all the reasons why he would live this life of lies. this fraud. it's extraordinary because it really takes a lot of gumption or something else to pass yourself off not only as somebody else but as a doctor. and doctor on the job. so you'll hear from him as well. revealing his family secrets that he said led him to this life of deception. >> oh two great interviews. must see tv. elizabeth vargas thanks so much for joining us this afternoon. and you can watch "20/20" family secrets, it airs tonight on abc 7 at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00.
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>> that's going to be a good one. a family in missouri faces felony kidnapping and child abuse charges. police say they took a stranger danger lesson a little too far. here's what happened. the mother of a 6-year-old boy asked family members and a friend to stage the kidnapping of her son at gunpoint. denise believed her son was too friendly. police say the boy was tied up and told he would be nailed to the wall of a shed sold into sex slavery and never see his mom again. he is now in child protective custody. >> the convicted felon best known for his sexy mug shot is now in federal prison. remember this guy? jeremy meeks? well, he was just sentenced to 27 months in federal prison on weapons charges. meeks became an internet sensation after his mug shot from his arrest was posted on line. he even got some interest from modeling agencies. i don't know what the deal is with modeling and jail. but that's where he'll be for the next couple of years. >> in jail you'll have the time. in the weather department, it is wet and some wet weather on the
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way before the weekend is up. but doug is back with another look at the forecast next on abc 7 news at noon.
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>> well this is quite the birth story. this little girl couldn't quite wait for the hospital. her mom was being driven to the hospital when her contractions sped up. they pulled over on the side of i-95 in howard county and called paramedics and baby daisy was born on the side of 95 weighing
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six pounds and seven ounces. mom and baby are doing fine today. happy birthday daisy! >> little daisy. >> that's so cute. i love that name. >> very nice. >> flower springtime. >> yeah. all those nice thoughts. that's exactly right. we'll do our best to get near 40 today. it will be close to it. only in the upper 20's we'll have a little cloudiness at times through the evening hours as well. look ahead to the weekend. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. hit auto -- 50 degrees for an afternoon high and by sunday evening sunday night maybe a little rain. and we'll talk about the time in more detail when i join you this afternoon at 4:00. >> all right. man with the answers. thank you, doug. thanks for joining us this midday. >> check out abc 7 news at 4:00. have a great weekend.
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